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Pensacola Federal Courthouse

The United States Federal Courthouse in Pensacola has been recently gone through some major rennovations due to some construction issues the first time around with the Pensacola Federal Courthouse, the place was wrought with mold issues. They had to shut it down and tear down all the exterior facade and nearly the gut the entire place to clean out the mold. They’ve since been able to rebuild the facade, with a few changes, which included an enclosed pillar entry way with security.

This new addition added a the need for lighting of course. And as it’s a space visible at night with windows facing Palafox Street, the government hired an artist to create something worth looking at. That’s where artist Larry Kirkland (https://larrykirkland.com) steps in.

With chrome and stained glass, he created two beautiful pendant lights that hang down form the high ceilings and are framed by the pillars that build the front entry way. Kirkland wanted to capture this for his portfolio and and sought out a local photographer who he felt could capture the essence of what he designed. I’m honored to say he chose me.

The job was a fun and different task than I typically do. I enjoyed it, and I appreciate the art that Kirkland provided for the space. The glass is great, and was provided by Bullseye Glass (https://www.bullseyeglass.com). The rest of the building’s glass and windows were provied by Hanssen Glass of Pensacola (http://www.hanssenglasspensacola.com), they did a great job with some clean looking windows and a nice subtle reflective coating.

I will enjoy seeing these as a part of our downtown nightscape and look forward to see what other’s in the community feel about them. It’s a great addition to a city that already has a lot of artists and art. Great to have something like a courthouse extend that feel and look into an other wise traditional looking governmental building.

The newly completed courthouse opened for operations in May 2020, amid the coronavirus/covid-19 pandemic and has probably gone somewhat unnoticed by many of the residents here in Pensacola, at least for now. I’m sure as things slowly begin to open back up, everyone will start to notice that the courthouse is no longer under construction and finally awaiting use.