Commercial Architecture Photography

Exterior Elevations, Twilights, Daytime, and Interior Angles

     Commercial architecture photography can come in all shapes and sizes. I am always trying to be as flexible as I can for my clients. With most of my Architectural Photography I can offer 2 levels of finishing. Portfolio and PresentationPrimarily shooting a space that’s clean and ready needs few modifications for a clean look and feel. But sometimes it’s necessary to do some post editing clean up. All my services will include shooting and fully edited to portfolio level.

Portfolio level, would consist of shooting the space of exterior elevations as is, in the best light and angles, but leaving the scene relatively untouched, outside of my general color balancing, light leveling and other distortion corrections. This is my standard method of shooting, and unless asked specificically to step up to Presentation level, your files will be edited in this way.

Presentation level would go a bit further with editing. The space can be beautiful on it’s own, however, code requirements and sometimes client modications means a less-clean looking space. Fire/smoke detectors, accessible signs, markers and other elements can clutter and otherwise clean design. Most of or all of these distracting elements can be removed, this is of course a lot of extra time editing and is a step up in the pricing structure.

With the Presentation level photo, above, you can see the asphalt was evened out, more time was made to specific selection areas to white balance the area and not just the scene. The wall under the covered drivethrough area was cleaned up between the doors. Distracting elements in the left side of the image’s background were removed. But overall the basic Portfolio level editing, provided an adjusted white balance, corrected image and is good for use in any portfolio. 

On top of editing options for your commercial project, I can also offer Twilight Add-On, where as I would return to the site or stay an extended period of time to capture the scene with the building lights on. With most commercial jobs, lighting is an imporant feature compliment the design of the structure. A daytime photo can give great justice to paint colors, surface textures and other standard details. However, a twilight can give life, warm, and additional detail that the built in lights provide. 

Additional Commercial Architectural Images