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Real Estate Photography:

I am proud to offer High Real Estate Photography services in the Pensacola and regional Gulf Coast area. I have worked as an architectural photographer in the Florida Panhandle for the past 10 years. I’ve traveled the country with my architectural photography and the world with my commercial photography.

Though Pensacola is where I call home, I am available to travel. Anywhere. Anytime.

As my passion is Architecture Photography, I can respect a beautiful piece of property no matter what the reason for photographing it would be. I don’t focus in the Real Estate photography world as my services aren’t always applicable. Though, many larger listings can greatly benefit from the work of a professional architectural photographer. 

As with any good photoset, you can think about it as a visual story. Starting with the exterior elevations, taken on a bright sunny or otherwise good weather day. Proceed with the photos getting closer and helping to walk the potential buyer to the door. Then you can move inside, keeping the viewer moving through a logical path through the home. You show them bright, airy, clean images that can show case built in designs, spacious rooms or grand views. Making sure to highlight the views out the windows, without letting the view obscure the inside details.

Keeping angles in the photos helps to show scale better, and make rooms feel grand and spacious. Soft lighting helps show everything cleanly without hard shadows. Sunny day weather is imperative when keeping views in the windows. Making sure that those important views are showcased are the best way to bring that inside to the outside, helping the interior photos complete the overall picture of the property.